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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And still no gender...

Today was not the day of the week. Ever since Monday I have been feeling pains. I was so worried I paged my midwife (of course the issue with the homestudy didn't really help) Turns out it is probably ligament pains. I had a hot water bottle on my tummy the whole evening but didn't seem to do nothing.

Today, February 18th, was my 20 weeks ultrasount with gender. When I called for the appointment, the first location told me: we don't do the gender here, you have to go to Simon avenue. So I called Simon avenue location and booked the appointment. That place is about 40 kms away.

We got so excited. I did have to have a full bladder (turned out it was too full and I only drank 1/2 of the required amount!) We got to the clinic and the first thing they told me is that they don't do gender here, they only do it in Langley (which is where we live, actually) I was so upset tears just starting falling from my eyes (I didnt cry, they were just falling!!!) I was so excited to finally find out (all my online friends know, and I dont) And no, they wouldn't really tell us. She wouldn't even tell me what she's doing, and when I asked she shut me down with the request to be quiet so she can do her job. And they wouldn't let my husband in neither. So much for universal free healthcare in Canada. I guess i was the first pregnant woman they have seen ever, since they obviously have never seen the anxiety of an expectant mother slash hormones.

I was so upset I got a huge headache and an idea. There is a place (in Langley again) where they do the 3-d. I never wanted to get that, since they all look the same (they seriously do) but this is an only chance to find out before baby is born since I wasted my only u/s left for the wrong information (i just screw things up, unfortunately. I wish someone else takes care of me and these things cause I really cant handle stuff like this and just screw up everything) Anyway, I called that place, and they didn't have time. Then I got this idea to ask about today and indeed they did have 3 pm, which was the only time I could make (my school starts at 4) So I got there, and we spent next 1/2 poking the baby, making all kind of funny movements and asking the baby to kick mommy so we can peek. No luck. My baby is too comfy lying horizontally with his little leggies bent. She said she thought she saw something, and didn't want to say but I begged and begged and she thought she saw a boy. But since that's just what she thought, I can't take it as official and have to go back on Friday for a second chance. I didn't tell my husband this time, I wanted to surprise him. How great would that be that I come from school at night, him knowing nothing and say: It's a boy ! It's a girl !! He would be shocked cuase he knew how upset I am and how I suddenly know !!!! I am really good in pulling these surprises (ecxept babiecheck didn't cooperate)

And other good news: I did find the parking at school even when I was late and the test was quite ok, I did leave first as usual, but I feel good about answers since I seem to have memorized the right stuff this time. We shall see!!

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