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Monday, February 16, 2009

The homestudy is ready

We got a really great homestudy report, it makes me feel so good !! I was surprised how well it turned. I was also surprised we were charged additional fees. We were assigned a sw from quite far (from a small village while we live close to the city) and she charged us a mileage. She charged us the same amount even though she went to visit another family before us. I was not happy but what can we do. All others go to their offices, but we of course had to have one who always came to our home only. Even this I was asking about and I was assured it's fine. Now we have to pay another $250. I know the economy is tough but to take advantage of people who are adopting a baby who has no mommy or daddy or a home, I don't know. I'm not really now disputing the mileage and that there is extra fee on top of the homestudy, just the fact that we were assigned the sw from so far. She is charging us more then a taxi would take from her to our place. So if you are assigned a sw for your homestudy, make sure that you ask if she charges anything extra !! Ours was also late few times and cancelled on us frequently, which with our busy schedule was sometimes quite complicated (we both work full times different days and I also go to the University). So we will be requesting a different sw for our post placement study, just to make things easier.

I also started making new mittens for my store. I am changing my whole line. These ones are longer and snugglier and most of my items are actually on Spring/Summer sale already ! Please take an advantage of the discounts !!!

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