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Monday, June 30, 2008

Why China?

Even before six Gosselins (ok they are Korean and only 1/4 part), I always loved little chinese girls. They are so supercute !!! Another cute baby I can think of is Meg Ryan's Daisy (pictured on the left), she is such a cutie. They are so lovable. I always wanted one (or two) and there is so much known about chinese adoptions it almost looks familiar.

I am also fascinated by the idea of taking a trip to China. I am fascinated by pretty much everything, but right at this time, this trip tops it all. I am fascinated by a vision of taking that long flight, land in the city with signs I will not be able to read, by the lights at night, tons of people rushing from here and there, taking a bus or train or plane to another provice where my daughter will be waiting, meeting her for the first time and fall in love instantly, taking her to Beijing, work out all the papers with the embassy and take her home.

I am just fascinated.

I am, though, worried about prejudices, something I lack myself. I already touched that subject with sil, and she was horrified, even asking not to bring another asian to this country (sorry that's unfortunately her exact words). I was hurt. On top of that, one thing I really despise, are the prejudices. No child is better then other, and it doesn't matter whether she comes from Russia, China or Mars. She will be ours and our daughter. We are not going to adopt a child depending what others like, but what we like and what we want. And we will love her regardless what others think and I really hope for their own sake they will like her too and accept our decision without any prejudices.


Wewurtskihit said...

Good for you, Molly, for looking beyond race and just looking at the CHILD that needs love! I feel the same way. What does it matter what the kid looks like? It will be YOURS! It will get all the love you can give as if she/he was your own. And THAT is all that matters!!! However things differently - well - THEIR LOSS!


Anonymous said...

oh my lord, there is so much more to adopting a child from any country than what you stated. It shouldn't be about oh she looks cute or because Meg Ryan did it. Get educated. It isn't easy to bring a child home that has been institutionalized. They have have night terrors, attachment issues and various delays. Yes eventually the outcome is worth it all but it takes time and whole lot of work.

How do I know...We are 5 months home with our son. The first couple of months weren't pretty and our time in China was survival not some tourist vacation.