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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How Willow got her yard back

We got new neighbours. They seem nice, but they have two small dogs (don't ask me what brand, all i know is that they are white) and they bark a lot. That makes it chalenging for someone with two cats who think they should live outside !! Especially Willow, she spends her days sitting by the door and meowing unhappily. She knows her pink leash and gets so excited when I shake it, she knows what's to follow ! She is one really brave cat.
Until the dogs run out. Then, it's a whole different story. Willow used to freak out, hiss, run home. The dogs happily stood on their part of the yard, shaked their tails and barked their lungs out.
But enough is enough, she thought. So instead of defence, she adopted a brand new approach: she froze from fear and didn't move a bit. And boy did it ever work !!! The dogs shut up, stood still, and thought of what to do next. Then the neigbour came and ordered them (i hope it was them) to stop being nosy. He commented: what a good cat, she won't even move !
Duh !! How could she, she (as mentioned above) was frozen with fear. And that was it for the dogs. They lost interest and retrieved back to their home. And my cat? As soon as they were out of sight, she got up, released a very happy purr and went on to mowing the lawn.
So that's how Willow got her yard back.

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