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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trip to the ER

Baby Moesha has an urinary tracht infection. She peed at 6.30 and I thought it's kinda redish as if there is a blood in it, but there was no blood on the paper. We got home at 7 and she had blood stains in her underwear and screamed she needs to go pee but wouldn't go. We went to the ER at around 10. At 10.30 I was able to collect her urine sample, as I knew they would have to test it and it would take couple of hours. But instead of taking it, they said to hold on to it. By midnight I started freaking out -they took every one inside already including those that came after us, WTF and why does it always happen to us! - the nurse said they had many emergencies and children in trauma (but they would still let them wait for an hour or so if it was such an emergency) Only then they would take the urine sample from me and send it to the lab. So no matter how hard I tried to avoid the waiting for the results AFTER we got to see the doctor, it just still happened. According to my plan, they would take it at 10.30 and when the doctor was ready to see us, he would have the results in hand by the time he came. Which also saves him tons of time and phone calls and re-reading the chart everytime he changes a patient. Like this, we still had to wait until 2.30 am (because an hour it takes to test it, is actually 2.5 hours after midnight when they have fewer stuff in the lab) I knew we will wait a long time in the ER, but I also reasonably tried to make it shorter but they are I guess not that bright to click.

Fortunately my husband left work early and came to help, and eventually took her home which was a great idea. She didn't have to be there after all. I got the prescription, stopped in the pharmacy on the way home, gave her two doses already and she's instantly feeling better.

On a positive note, this was the doctor, who Im sure was on duty when baby Moesha was hospitalized at 7 days old because of the severe jaundice. He is hot ! Too bad I only realized its him when I left cause Id totally ask him out. Haha (j/k) Too bad he wasn't on duty a day later when we were released because we'd end up in in his pediatrician care as patients (we are with another dr now)

And on a second positive note, baby Moesha started saying "baby kaahyee" (crying) in the hospital and she wanted me to tickle the Nemos painting on the wall the whole time. She was an angel throughout the whole experience, which actually caused me to bring up a concern of her being lethargic (as she's unusually wild and lively child)

But don't worry, she's already bouncing off the walls again.

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