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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 years and 2 months

Baby Moesha turned 2 in June and she seriously cracks me up. Here is some cute stuff she does these days:

- if you put a vacuum in the middle of the room, she will run around in circles for at least ten minutes and laugh

- on the weekend, when walking on the beach, she walked past a girl with long blond hair, and said to her: "Hi Barbie"

- if she plays with a stroller, you MUST put a cat in

- she calles Elephant "nose" After all, she got that right !

- because she always gets buckled up in the shopping cart, if you put her in one, and forget, she will buckle herself up

- during a pantry reno we allowed her to eat on the sofa, but put a cloth over her so she doesn't get everything messy. Now when she sits there with any yummies she will run to get a cloth and spread it on her

- sleeps through the nite for almost 2 months now (thats because we finally stopped giving her milk bottle)

- is out of diapers completely, including naps (she has them for the night but often wakes up dry). She was potty trained at 17 months, but when I went back to work, my husband just found it easier to go back to diapers. We retrained her in Prague at 22 months. I still wish we did it earlier cause the Czech average is about 17-18 months and 2 years for the night. She very rarely has accidents cause she tells everyone when she needs to go. She never has had #2 accident and was pooping in the toilett since maybe a year old.

- is good at sharing. She does have moments when she wants something someone else has, but generally, she doesn't really go around wanting things only becuase someone else has it.

- is not picky. That's the one I'm really working hard on. She does eat pretty much everything but only teeny tiny so she must not snack in between meals and must get hungry

- Doesnt seem to have a favorite toy although she loves her cat Mimi and dolls.

- speaks mostly English but understands Czech completely (except for tantrums)

- looooooves water, but does not get tired in the pools

- does not sleep wherever and whenever. She must sleep in her crib and on schedule. Ive heard in recent weeks more than enough about how im pampering her and such and how im being restricted by her napping but I dont see it that way. She needs that and I choose to make her comfortable. I dont mind planning around her naps and if that means we miss this and that, so be it. Unless you have a child like she is, you won't understand.

- she is into absolutely everything.

- tonight I taught her to unload the dishwasher. She started with her utensils but understood really quickly what she's supposed to do. She takes her jobs really seriously ! The other chores she is responsible for is windows washing, loading the laundry and loading the dish detergant action pack ( would load the whole box if i let her) She washes the window daily. She also knows that if she makes mess she should take out a broom and make more mess.

- everytime she drops something she yelles Oh boy, or Oh Boze (oh god in czech)

- she calls me by my real name. Too funny although we correct her on occasions

- just few days ago she learnt to get hugs (she doesnt give them but she requests them)

- knows how to turn tv on and how to put Treehouse in. I am not sure who taught her those numbers. Was not me !

- still very social. She will go to strangers and babble about her day or explain them what they just walked by. Then she will pause and look at them while waiting and expecting they understood.

- doesn't walk.

- just runs. All frikkin day long.

- calls many men Tata. Oops..

And perhaps some more. I am so lazy and busy to blog anymore but im not making any plans to stop or continue, when i feel like it, I'll post. But Im looking forward to the comments !

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