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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The pre-natal classes

Thursday was extremely busy. I studied for school, the right chapter this time (last week I accidentaly studied a wrong chapter but I was very lucky that the teacher allowed me to take a test for it !!!) Then I went to school. We had the test and then the final lab. I was in a panicky mode because I needed to leave early. But we were divided into two groups, and of course, I ended up in the second. So instead of leaving early, I had to wait. He gave them 1/2 hour to complete the task, then everyone was to fail. So after an hour waiting for hour turn, I started sweating (it was my time to leave as our prenatal classes were starting soon far away) I announced to everyone: Ok guys you got half an hour, so now you all failed, so you can leave. Well they just laughed.

Then, we got our turn. We were three groups of 2, 3 and 4. I wanted one more body for our group of 2, so I asked the group of 4 to give us one person. Noone wanted to go (I think they didn't think I know what we're doing, which I actually didn't) But then one guy volunteered. And lucky, he did ! We started last (I couldn't believe it since I needed to leave first) The task was to configure two Cisco routers. Seeing others how they took more then 1 hour, I was really really hot. But, you will not believe, we finished in about 14 minutes !! What I did, is that first, I volunteered for typing (I type faster then I talk) and second, I copied the first part and just pasted it to the second part, which apparently is definitely the way to go and much much faster. Even though we were starting last, we left first and everyone was absolutely impressed. Including the guy who didn't want to work with us lol... He got to leave, too. So now I know how to configure two different routers (or at least I look like I do)

Next, was the class. I am impressed. It's held in Langley, I found the program through one of the local colleges. It's extremely extensive and very fascinating. We have a great group of couples and lots of fun. I really love those classes. A doula is actually teaching them and you know, they are known for their natural approach to pregnancy and labor. She also knows my midviwes (and everyone elses doctor) and she just knows everything. In the beginning she asked us, what would we consider a success out of this class. Everyone wrote down a normal, clever things, like To help my wife through labor, or To lose the fear of the unknown, or To know what to do. Not my husband. He thinks a great success for him will be not to fall asleep during these classes.

I wrote down that I think my baby will come out regardless the success of the class lol... Then I was just laughing my everything out and I couldn't stop. It was so embarassing. We also watched a video and there was stuff they do not show you on TLC. Like how the placenta is born. That is absolutely fascinating. And how huge it is !!! Doula said not to watch those baby stories but I am absolutely adicted and it's ok, it doesn't give me any fear, quite otherwise, it helps me see mistakes others do and learn and know what to ask. I could watch baby stories 24/7. But on other hand, I could watch a movie about airplane crash, and board a plane later that evening without any problems or fears. There seems to be something morbid in me. I just like to know things and be prepared.

So today I am 28 weeks, I feel amazing, baby is kicking (on my right side mostly) and I can now see, as well !! Yay !! I also have 10 days of school left, 3 more weeks of work and 84 days to the official due date. Isn't it exciting ? So may good things await ahead.

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kortney said...

LOL - I like that your husband's goal is to not fall asleep. We didn't even take prenatal classes, because I knew my husband WOULD fall asleep ;)

Glad to hear baby is kicking lots now :) That's the thing I miss most about being preggo!