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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can I drive in HOV lane?

I wonder, if I can now drive in HOV lane alone. My husband says that no, I could get a ticket for not having a baby in the car seat. And I don't want to be pulled over so I can just ask the police office, how exactly it is, if it's allowed for pregnant ladies to drive in the HOV lane. I mean, it is really two of us. I drink for two, I eat for 2, I p for 17, so why not driving as two?

On Sunday we had a party, we decided to "ruin my husband's day", as he put it. It was a surprise party that just was not a surprise. One clue I gave myself is when I tried to pretend I don't want him to tape me Amazing Race cause I found it boring (well, I knew I will be home by then. And honestly, me and not watching the Amazing Race? Something must be going on !!)

Second clue, is that I didn't take a lunch (I was pretending I'm still going to work but I took a day off) I always carry this huge bag with food that could feed ten people (and bring most of it back home) I was actually kind of thinking about this, but then I decided nah, he won't figure out.

The other clues were given by others. However, it was great and even though I thought more people will come (there was just so much stuff going on on the same day), we just got those friends we are probably closest to, so it was ok. And we had a roasted pig, too yummy ! And the cake, adorable (but kind of gross tasting, if you ask me. I could bake better if I knew how)

Oh yeah, and that picture on the cake, that's my husband. Take it as a preview of our baby, who is very active these days, kicking me on the right side (only) and I am sure I could actually see her if I'd be little patient and just take the time to watch my tummy. Too cute !!

I have now officially 88 days left, but I am hoping to not go past 37-38 weeks so that would make it about 70 days left. I also have one more week (I think) of school left and 4 more weeks of work. Life will definitely get way more peaceful starting May, I'm telling you !!!

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Nikki said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of using the HOV lane! Ha ha. I plan to make full use of it when this little guy comes along.