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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Start of our homestudy

We are finally starting our homestudy !! All our references, medicals and everything else came in. We are meeting with our social worker D. for the first time on November 19th. It's exciting !! I am looking forward to meet her and tell her how much we want our baby from China. I'm also excited for her to see our lolcats !! (hopefully they will be good and not climb on the dining table in her presence) I am excited for her to see my crafty organized mess, and tell her, that for the baby it's great to grow up in a messy environment with all those little treasures to explore lying around (as you know, I'm a crafter so I have craft supplies everywhere, on every table, in every drawer and under every bed) I know though that we will have to clean up little bit before she comes !!!

To celebrate the next step in our adoption, I have set up a free shipping section in my Etsy store, so please feel free to visit and see if you like something. I have some great stuff for sale with free shipping !

Also if you are reading my blog regularly, can you please let me know by leaving a comment? I'd like to meet our kind visitors !!

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The Nanny said...

I'm here but I don't think I've commented before! I linked to you from Celebrity Baby Blog and I'm so excited about your adoption journey! Good luck!