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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adopting next summer

Someone I know had a baby in June. I met with her today for a quick coffee, and she told me that she would like to adopt a baby from China. How great !! But....

Her baby will be one year old in the summer. And that's when she would like to get her China baby so they are the same age. Oh boy is she in for a surprise !!!

These days, the wait for China is set up for 3-5 years (with people already thinking/saying it will increase to 7) I personally think that because of the bad economy some people may drop out from the program for various reasons, and becuase of the bad economy and long wait times many families will look into other countries. I already know of two families who dropped (they both had LID with expected referral sometimes next year) One family lost the house due to bankrupcy, the other one they both lost jobs and face bankrupcy. So they will no longer qualify. Very heartbreaking.

So we are still goin on. It was never a question to look into other country or drop from the program. We know the wait, and we know what we are in for. We'll be fine !!! The only thing is that we cannot get a referral within 12 monts from getting a new baby to our household and that will not happen. The wait, although heartbreaking, will be over in no time and then we will get our sweet daughter.

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