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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 2 and 3 of the seminar

We attended the last two day of the seminar. It was very interesting, we got an information overload !!!

Day 2

The most emotional event of the day was the birth grandfather. He spoke about his experience and he was very emotional, yet full of love and understanding of his daughter. During his speech, I thought I'd love to meet his daughter. Imagine my surprise that it was actually Christene, who was one of the main people in our seminar. She is so lovely and kind and nice, I really admire and adore her.

Day 3

I had a sleepless night (absolutely sleepless) Apparantly I pulled a muscle in the pool on Thursday. It didn't hurt but it caused me something I called unrest. It just wouldn't rest my left arm and my legs. I kept moving and trying to fall asleep, and nothing worked. How happy I was it was morning !!! I was going through crisis the whole day though !!

When we got to the seminar, the first thing I noticed is that there is a box of tissues on every table. I thought it's kind of cool, and that I didn't notice them yesterday. And the reason? We were watching the Reunion in Vietnam movie. That was absolutely incredible and very well done. I read a book a while ago, Message from Nam, and it actually ends with the days of chaos and evacuation. Even though that's a fiction, I still remember crying. And now we were watching someone else's story. In this movie, a father has to leave three children behind while he was moving other three children to safety. By the time he can get back, it was so late and the children were taking elsewhere. One of them got really sick so the decision was made she will be flown to the U.S. and other two siblings join and are eventually adopted. The father comes back and cannot find his children (I cried openly at that point) They are growing up in the U.S. and when they are adult, the oldest sister searched for the parents. She went there with her husband and younger brother, but she no longer speaks the language, and cannot communicate with her parents and sisters.
Another thing I recall is that her mother was absolutely beautiful. She did age, but so incredibly ... It was just amazing. She was just stunning. She had the most beautiful face I have ever seen in an elder woman even after decades of hard work and minimal nutrition.
Later in the day, another family came with their newly adopted girls from Haiti, Maddy and Olivia. They were just so adorable !!! Mom was holding the younger girl, and her other daughter was taking care of the older one, like a little mommy. Then she even lifted her up as her mommy did the other girl. It was just adorable.
So now the paperwork begins and then the wait for our own baby !!! B bought me today a book about China, as it's my Birthday. I was so glad to see that he actually thought of what to get me and got something so important for our journey !!!

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