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Sunday, July 4, 2010

FCC Picnic

Yesterday we went to the FCC picnic (Families with Children from China) I think we were the only ones that haven't adopted yet, and everyone was asking me what's my LID. Turns out no one there had a LID (for the next child(ren) younger than we do. They suggested that I put it on my shirt next to my name ! Baby Moesha was of course stealing the attention. She was one of the smallest babies there, she tried to walk around, falling frequently (she can now though walk quite some distance and pretty fast but she gets tired quickly) Then, of course, when she saw the puppies she shrieked in a high frequence, attracting even more attention. Notice all the people standing around her watching how she was "giving kissies" to one of them (she didn't but she goes coockoo when she sees animals) It was held in an awesome Ryall park in New Westminster, we fell in love with that place ! So much stuff for kids to do. I think that must be one of the best parks around. And look at all those gorgeous kids that were already adopted. They were all so beautiful. I made few new friends, and it was really exciting.

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