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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Morons !!

Ok, the place I live in is officially full of morons. You just can't go shopping with a stroller. People just walk against you next to each other, taking the whole side walk and even bump into the stroller. Then I go to try some stuff on and the family room is occupied. So i wait there for 15 minutes in front of it with hangers of clothes (no other room will fit the stroller in and I dont leave it outside) Finally the person inside was finished (one single person who didnt even need a big room, moron!!) I was in tears, so frustrated. Anyway, when that person walked out, another lady comes in and she goes straight into that family room !! Im like Excuse me !! And when she was like Opps, and walked to a regular room, I added: Do you also have a stroller that you need such a big room?

Plus I was obviously waiting for that particular room !! (another) Moron !!

I hate going places now and I love to stay home, rather.

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Bree said...

Hi Mollie,
I saw that you stopped by my blog. I hope you don't mine that I came over to check out your story- which is amazing! My sister has adopted all five of her children- four here from the states and one from Guatemala.
Are you Czech? I just went to Prague last summer and loved it! I'd live there if I could.
Bree :)